Exhibition-Installation "My dear friend, I write a letter you again..."

And all that, thanks to those who go
Through dusty heat and freezing snow -
Glory to them, I say, hail
To their heavy bags that bring the mail!
(translated from Russian by R. Pevear)

These lines from the famous poem "Post Office" by S. Marshak were well-known among all children in the Sovet Union. Because it is a postman who brings coloured birthday cards and express telegrams, newspapers with the latest news and long-awaited letters with love confessions inside...
For those who can't imagine their life without letters, postcards, stamps, as well as for the fans of epistolary genre, the Children's Museum will open a new fantastic exhibition "My dear friend, I write a letter you again..." dedicated to Post Office and Mail.

The opening of the exhibition will be at 15.00 on the 8th of October.