Exhibition «Autolegends of the USSR»

Dear citizens and guests of our town!

The Children's Museum offers you a new and unusual exhibition «Autolegends of the USSR», dedicated to the most famous brands of cars of the Soviet period. At the exhibition you will see more than fifty vehicles period 1930s-1980s: the famous «Chorny voronok» (Prison-van), unusual "Cyclops", legendary «Kopiyka», comfortable «Unost»(Youth)and the most famous car of the Luxury class – «Chaika» (Gull).
The originality of the collection lies in the fact that small-sized (the scale of each model is 1:43) copies include all the details of their originals, even the smallest one.
Colorful magazines, attached to each model, will tell about the history of the automobile business, development of leading automotive designers and other interesting facts.
The collection was accepted as a gift from an actor of the National Academic Drama Theatre V. Grechukhin (Minsk).
The exhibition «Autolegends of the USSR» will start work from the 22 of September .