Master-class "Let's decorate the Christmas tree together"

There is nothing more enchanting than expectancy of a New-Year's Day. Perhaps, it is the only holiday that maintains atmosphere of mystery and wizardry. And this is nothing age-specific, because a Christmas tree always brings back sweet memories of childhood. What kind of New-Year's tree decorations do you like the most? Of course, there are so many of them, and each of them has its own charm: there is special attraction in Christmas balls, you can stare forever at stylized strobilas, icicles and flashlights. And noticed glass beads or a walnut wrapped in silver paper, your sweet memories come rushing on you, because the toy, that you made in your childhood, still has an honored place on the Christmas-tree.
The stuff of Children's Museum want to present a holiday and invite all to a master-class "Let's decorate the Christmas tree together". The master-class will be working from 11th till 30th of December.