Follow the example of… Peter the Great!

From the history…

As it is known, Peter the Great was a real collector, bibliophile and guide. He never stored up his treasure, so he organized a cabinet of curiosities that the Emperor presented to foreign ambassadors and Russian magnates.


Our children's and grand-children's collections… What is it? Is it a picturesque mountain containing sweetie papers, stickers, toys with seashells or… something else? It's something that broadens the mind, makes a child more attentive, thoughtful and observant, isn't it?
So let's help your child systematize his collection, show its value (or even pricelessness), teach him how to watch unusual in absolutely ordinary things.

How to do it…
The citizens and guests of our city (either children or adults) have a unique possibility to present your collection in the Children's museum, and also you could expose your exhibition.

Looking forward you and your friends at the address: Nizhne-Pokrovskaya street, 46, Polotsk city, Vitebsk area, Republic of Belarus.

Phone: 8(0214)424558