"Owl the Learned Head"

Exhibition of the private collection of figurines of owls «Owl the Learned Head». Children's Museum, Polotsk, 2017
Owl the Learned Head, the Forest Mistress, Ulyana Stepanovna… there were so many names that were given ancient Slavs to that amazing bird. So why owls attracted people in the past? And are they popular now?
The owl is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Even in ancient Greece, this bird has been a constant companion of Athens, the goddess of war and wisdom. Today owls are well-known as characters in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories and in the fantasy novels about Harry Potter.
The owl is a symbol of a show «What? Where? When?»; the intellectual game that Kabylkova Alexandra has admired for years and stayed a regular participant in a Novopolotsk team.
The collection of owl figures, presented by Alexandra Alexandrovna, a small but very diverse. On the exhibition there are presented postcards, statuettes and jewelry on the "owl theme."

The youngest visitors are able to see the cartoon "How the Man Broke the Balance," collect applique "Owl", read tales about the mysterious and wise bird.