Journey into the world of archeology

In early October 2018 in Polotsk Museum of Local Lore conducted educational sessions on the theme of "Journey into the world of archeology." These sessions have been prepared by employees of the museum within the framework of the program of activities that take place on the basis of the new exhibition "Through time and space" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the archaeological studying of Polotsk.

The first who visited the museum's activity were members of the historical club of the city "I am Polochanin". Senior researcher of the museum S.A. Kaminsky was able not only to competently talk about the origin of the word "archeology", to determine the object of study of this science, its differences and peculiarities, but also to answer questions prepared in advance of the club members.

With the citizens of Polotsk from the club "Veteran" Sergey even organized a real archaeological site which was attended by "students", "assistants", "archaeologists" and "experts". In the final part of the session attendees with a great desire to participate in the museum's quest and the winners of the game received a keepsake souvenirs.