Museums of Belarus 2.0. 10 years with you

Ten years ago, in 2009, the Museums of Belarus Web Portal was launched ( We launched the project to give each museum, regardless of its profile, size or location, the opportunity to present its activities to the users on the Internet. We sought to unite the professional museum community of the country in their work on the presentation of the cultural heritage diversity of Belarus. Over the years, the Web Portal has become a convenient platform for the discussion between museum staff and visitors, between museums and tourist organizations.

We have added new sections, modules and services. expanded the audience, the circle of partner museums, participated in the coverage of national projects. Today, the "Museums of Belarus" unite 154 state museums of the Republic of Belarus; 87 of them run their websites on our Web Portal. The Web Portal pages are visited by several million people annually. continues to evolve and seeks to attract new visitors.

On our birthday, we are pleased to present you a new version of Portal "Museums of Belarus" — "Museums of Belarus 2.0". The new design and structure will make the site more convenient and allow easier access to the information for both museums and visitors.

We are glad to see every new visitor. We appreciate those who have stayed with us. We are always open to cooperation.

Team of the Museums of Belarus Web Portal

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