The Museum’s Friends student research lab

The Museum’s Friends student research laboratory was opened at the Faculty of History of Francisk Skorina Gomel State University in 2012.

Members of the lab are the students of the Faculty of History studying at the programm “Museum studies and the protection of historical and cultural heritage”.

The goals and objectives of the Museum’s Friends are to develop and implement various projects aimed at popularizing knowledge about the monuments of national and foreign historical and cultural heritage, developing professional skills in future profession, career guidance.

The Lab is engaged in a number of projects such as “Cities and museums of the world through the eyes of students and teachers of the Faculty of History of Belarus”, “Alley of Heroes Memorial complex”, “Gomel: from the past to the present” (as part of the city competition “100 ideas” for Belarus ”).

As a part of cooperation between the Museum’s Friends and Gomel museum institutions meetings, seminars, master classes are held, which are important for preparing students for their future specialties and gaining skills in research work.

The Museum’s Friends participate as volunteer in major cultural and educational events, such as the Museums of Belarus National Forum, the Fest of Guides, Museum Night, City’s Day events, etc.