The most interesting museum artefacts. Part 1. The sculptures of Greek-Catholic Church

Dear All,

It's time to tell you about interesting and unique artefacts that were found during the archaeological excavations in Navahradak, during the expeditions and those that were brought to the museum.

And today we will tell you about wooden sculptures. Today the sculptures of Greek-Catholic Church are rare and unique exhibits in museums and libraries of Belarus. Long time ago, wooden sculpture was a fairly popular element of the decoration of Greek-Catholic Churches. However, this element was perceived as hostile in the Orthodox environment, at least among Moscow Orthodox Church, which was hostile to all Western, and " Latin". There is evidence that after the abolition of the Union of Brest in 1839, all sculptures of Greek-Catholic Church were publicly cut down, so that's why often in museums you can see sculptures with cut body parts.

Navahradak was very "lucky" in these means. The museum exhibits two wooden sculptures that once decorated the interiors of the Greek-Catholic chapel in Senežyсy. Unfortunately, the chapel, as well as the Greek-Catholic church, have not survived.