The most interesting museum artefacts. Part 2. Swedish stone cores

The exposition of the Navahradak Museum of History and Regional Studies exhibits stone cores used by the Swedes to destroy the walls of the once-great Navahradak Castle. And we assure you these are not the biggest cores found during the archeological excavation.

If the Cossacks in 1655 were not able to destroy the castle completely, then the Swedes succeeded in doing that in 1706 during the Great Northern War.

The fact is that when the Swedes heated such cores and then thrown them, the cores burst into pieces setting fire to everything in its path. That's why, today only the ruins of the Kaśćełnaya and Ščytoūka Towers are left on the Castle Hill.

If you want to see the Swedish stone cores and ruins of Navahradak Castle, as well as to hear the legend of the Swedes, we are looking forward to seeing you in our museum!