Happy Hanukkah!

Here're some memories about the festival of lights and magic in pre-war Navahradak (Navaredok):

"From Hanukkah, that is, from early winter on, the town was turned into one big matzah factory."

"The Shtetl Book: Image and Reality"

"[...]before the war, on each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, my family had gazed, rapt, as my father put another candle and gently placed it in one of the eight holders in our old brass menorah [...], which was then proudly displayed in the entryway window. It was a magical experience to walk down our street at night and view the candles flickering in every Jewish home. It made me feel special to be part of this community, a community of candles and light."

"Essie: the true story of a teenage fighter in the Bielski partisans"