For the Press day

95 years ago, the Russian-language newspaper "Polotsk Pakhar", the organ of the Polotsk district committee of the CP (b) B and the regional executive committee, changed its name and language of publication. This was due to the implementation of the Belarusianization policy by the central authorities, one of the main activities of which was the introduction of the national language into office work and everyday life. From that moment on, the newspaper began to be called "Chyrvonaya Polachyna". The newspaper was published 3 times a week, and from mid-May - 2. The editor of "Chyrvonaya Polachyna" until the fall of 1926 was M.P. Tobinsky (Beresnev), and later his duties were performed by I.I. Pencil. In early December 1926 the newspaper was headed by S.P. Semashko, a native of Polotchina. Not only townspeople, but also villagers became active correspondents. To communicate with them, the newspaper had a special "Pashtovaya Skrynka" - a column where the editors explained to the authors why the material was not published, or where to go to solve the problem. Due to the fact that one of the tasks of "Chyrvonai Polachchyny" was to attract the peasantry to socialist construction, a significant part of the materials was devoted to the life of the countryside. The heading "Land business" touched upon topical issues of land use, gave advice to villagers on the cultivation of certain crops. In December 1926, the newspaper published information about the opening of the Polotsk Regional Museum of Local Lore.