Unknown Navahradak. Cobblestone (“brukawanka”)

For years Navahradak had only cobblestone streets. Even in the 20’s-30’s of the 20th century you’d see in Navahradak horses pulling the buggies along cobblestone streets. The same you can see in the old photos of the town (for example, the Market Square). Unfortunately, today you won’t see the old cobblestone streets in the center of Navahradak.



But, still there is a quiet hidden place in town that preserved such a miracle. If you are lucky to find the Lidskaya street, it’s also called Hrabniki, you’ll see a long old cobblestone road.


The locals call this cobblestone – “the old Lida road”. And indeed, these are the remains of the old way that led to Lida. The new highway goes parallel to the old one and connects two cities. How old is this cobblestone? We can only guess.


The thing that really matters today is that the cobblestone is still "alive" in Navahradak.