International Museum Day — 2024

Every year since 1977, ICOM has celebrated International Museum Day, a unique event for the international museum community. On this day, participating museums organize events around an annually chosen theme, engaging their visitors and highlighting the importance of the museum as an institution dedicated to the advancement of society.

The purpose of International Museum Day is to draw public attention to the fact that "museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enriching cultures and promoting understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples". The events of the International Museum Day are held annually on May 18. The duration of the events is unlimited: they can last one day, a weekend or a whole week. International Museum Day was first celebrated 40 years ago. Every year more and more museums take part in International Museum Day: last year — 37,000 museums from 158 countries participated.

The theme chosen each year responds to the current needs of society.

In 2024, the theme of the International Museum Day is "Museums for Education and Research". It emphasizes the key role of cultural institutions in providing holistic educational experiences and pushes for a more conscious, sustainable and inclusive/diverse world.

Museums serve as dynamic educational centers, fostering curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Museums are spaces where education and research converge to shape our understanding of the world. In 2024, ICOM will broadly highlight museum research and create a platform for the exploration and dissemination of new ideas.

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