Museum of Combat Glory invites to the exhibition "The price of occupation"

Starting from May 9, 2016 the exhibition "The price of the occupation" will be open to visitors of the Museum of Combat Glory. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the materials reflecting the period of the Nazi occupation of Polotsk, its consequences for our city, the first activities of the Soviet authorities to rebuild the city. The exhibition presents objects from the museum collections of documents, documentary photographs, prints, objects, history of technology, bonistics.

We invite Polotsk residents and visitors to the city to visit the exhibition "The price of occupation" and see unique photographs taken by the invaders in the occupied Polotsk, rare photos of the destroyed post-war city, Polotsk documents issued by the occupation authorities, to see Soviet and German propaganda leaflets of the occupation of Polotsk, to get acquainted with monetary unit Nazi Reich in the occupied territories - German Reichsmark.