Exhibition "New Year Dreams: Guests from the Fairy Valley"

Polikarpova Natalia Alexandrovna was born and grew up in Verhnedvinsk. After graduating from Vitebsk State Pedagogical Institute (The Faculty of Graphic Arts) in 1981, she returned to her native city and devoted myself to teaching.

According to Natalia Alexandrovna, she has always warmly treated dolls in a special way, has created them by herself and taught that skill to her students; 15 years ago in one of the magazines she saw an article about the creation of the author's pappier-mache doll. That idea captured her, and in the process of creation of her first doll, the master realized that was her vocation.

All the "participants" of the exhibition "New Year Dreams: Guests from the Fairy Valley" are made in the papier-mache technique. “Fairies and wizards” is the second collection of the master, which will be presented for the first time in the museum for residents and visitors of our city. Looking forward to meeting with visitors, the dolls put on their best outfits, fitted and thought out to the smallest details. At the exhibition you can get acquainted with the fairy of autumn, with the lady of winter cold, with the refined ballerina, with the mysterious sorceress Night ...

It has been taken almost 2.5 years to create all these 19 dolls. However, the collection has not finished yet.

The exhibition is working from 21.11. till 16.01.2018.