«Children’s Magazines. History in printed pages»

The exhibition presents children's magazines from the museum collection of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve of the late XIX - early XX centuries, as well as modern children's magazines 1960-2000.

The press for the young reader began with a magazine. Before the revolution, mainly in St. Petersburg and Moscow, about three hundred children's and youth magazines were published. Each magazine contained fairy tales, entertaining stories, poems, biographies of famous people, nature essays. A. Kuprin, A. Serafimovich, M. Prishvin, V. Korolenko published their works in magazines. Young readers got acquainted with the works of R. Kipling, J. Vern, M. Twain and other foreign writers.

Modern parents will be interested in the magazine “Parenting and Teaching,” which describes cases from the practice of raising and educating children, news of Russian and foreign pedagogy, as well as “pedagogical guides” on topical issues of education.