The album “Walks in the historical center of Polotsk” was released

The album presents an illustrated story about architectural monuments and places associated with the life and work of the famous inhabitants of Polotsk. The careful attitude of the townspeople to their historical and cultural values made it possible to preserve the rich and diverse heritage of the city that reflects its centuries-old history.

In 2007, the historical centre of Polotsk was included into the State list of historical and cultural valuables of the Republic of Belarus as a monument of urban development of national importance. This unique integrated heritage site with a total area of 348 hectares is a complex system of buildings, planning and spatial structures, natural and cultural landscapes, as well as a valuable archaeological cultural layer.

The publication reveals the history and content of historical and cultural values that make up the historical centre of Polotsk. Leafing through the pages of the album, the reader will walk through the squares and streets of the ancient city, get acquainted with its monuments and memorable places and look into its many museums, united into Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

The compiler of the album: Tamara Aleksandrovna Dzhumantaeva. The texts were written by the museum staff: Lyubov Kalbeko, Sergey Kaminsky, Vyacheslav Arestov, Julia Avchinnikova, Vera Oshueva, Olga Filimonova, Inna Pesina, Stanislav Silkov, Victoria Babko. Photo: Kirill Smolyakov. The text of the publication is presented in two languages: Belarusian and Russian.

The album can be purchased in the museums of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve and in the Souvenir Shop at Nizhne-Pokrovskaya St., 22.