In Memory of the Murdered Poets

On October 29th 2020 the Museum of the Belarusian Book-Printing has held a literary evening in memory of the Belarusian writers, who were executed by the NKVD (the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) on the night of 29-30 October 1937.

The event gathered a lot of involved people. Aleś Arkuš, who was known not only as a poet, writer and journalist, but also as a researcher of Polack literary history, told about the activity of the literary society «Maladniak» in Polack. Uladzimir Arloŭ, Ina Snarskaja, Liudmila Chiejdarava, Zaraslava Kaminskaja sent their audio and video messages to the audience. Our guest from Viciebsk theatre «Lialka», playwriter Volha Prusak shared an interesting and emotional story about a Yiddish-language writer Moyshe Kulbak.

During the evening the students of Polack State Forest College read poems of the purged writers.