Pilot issue of the “Belarussian Museum” magazine

During the 4th National Forum “Museums of Belarus”, a pilot issue of the “Belarussian Museum” magazine was presented.

The publication has 56 illustrated pages. It contains 15 articles in Russian and Belarusian languages ​​and is divided into 9 sections. A summary in English is printed on the back cover.

‘Two professional publications about culture are currently being published in Belarus - the “Mastatstva” magazine and the “Kultura” newspaper, where we write on topics ranging from classical art to avant-garde. Unfortunately, museums are given only a page or two, this is not enough. We have a lot of good museums. It will be an opportunity for them to share their ideas ‘, said Irina Slobodich, director of the Editorial and Publishing Company “Kultura i Mastatstva”. ‘– ‘The concept of the magazine will still be finalized. It should become a platform for discussions, exchange of experience, a story about honored people of the museum business. ‘

You can look at the pilot issue of the “Belarussian Museum” magazine yourself by clicking on the link