Belorussian traditional rag dolls «My mother's amulet»

From the earliest times a doll accompanied a man. A traditional doll is considered one of the most mysterious symbols in ancient people’s lives. It was not just a children's toy, it was an essential attribute of ancient rituals. With its help, as desired blessings were called upon, so bad luck was taken away; people admired and shared experiences with their dolls, without them there was not any important event or celebration. On May the 20th, the Children's Museum invites citizens and guests of the city to get acquainted with the exhibition of Zinaida Letyina "My mother“s amulet". At 18.00 the craftswoman will organise a master class for those who want to learn how to make traditional rag dolls amulets for their family. Visitors who come with dolls amulets, made by themselves, will have an opportunity to go to the exhibition for free. Do not miss the moment, the offer will work only in the Night of Museums!