“Along the River of Time”

A new exhibition “Along the River of Time” is to be opened in the Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing. The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Polack song writer Mikalaj Piatrenka.

Mikalaj Piatrenka (1919-1997), who was born in Homiel Region, engaged himself with Polack in 1960. He spent more than 30 years working as a teacher of Belarusian language and literature for Polack pedagogical college. In 1966 he was awarded with the honorary title “Honored Teacher of Belarus”.

Mikalaj Piatrenka was known as an amateur composer, who wrote more than 250 songs. Most of the songs were dedicated to the city of Polack. In 1995 he got the title of Honorary Citizen of Polack.

Polack National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve keeps a large collection of materials, which illustrate Mikalaj Piatrenka’s life and activity, e.g. his manuscripts, documents, personal belongings and books from his library.

The exhibition opens on December 19, 2019.